Concerning the written works in biology and chemistry for pupils of additional schools

Concerning the written works in biology and chemistry for pupils of additional schools

The company and control of most kinds of written tasks are completed on the foundation of consistent demands for students to talk and compose.

Kinds of written works of pupils

The primary kinds of home and classroom written work of pupils are academic documents, such as:

– plans and lecture notes for the instructor;

– tasks and workouts in chemistry;

– chemistry and biology abstracts;

– plans of articles along with other materials from textbooks;

– responses to concerns on biology and chemistry;

– reports regarding the utilization of laboratory and work that is practical biology;

– reports from the performance of laboratory experiments and practical work in chemistry;

– reports on specific or team projects based on excursions in biology and chemistry;

– reports on summer time tasks in biology (6th grade) (the biology lesson that is first within the 7th grade);

– do-it-yourself works that are creative that are college essay help online offered during the discernment associated with instructorto specific pupils;

– compilation of analytical and tables that are generalizing schemes, groups, etc. (without copying tables that are ready-made schemes of textbooks).

Purpose and number of pupil notebooks in biology and chemistry

To execute various types of academic work, pupils should have the next range notebooks:

Biology – 2 notebooks:

– 1 notebook – a workbook where written tasks are carried out into the class room, including laboratory work. Functions are assessed;

– 2 notebooks – for practical work and knowledge control, where reports are drawn through to the performance of practical work, tasks for the control over pupils’ knowledge are done (test tasks, evidence tests). Functions are examined;

Requirements when it comes to utilization of laboratory and practical work, excursions and summer time tasks in biology are managed because of the biology curriculum for many kinds of additional schools according to standard needs.

On biology – for the performance of tests, unique notebooks aren’t needed. It is suggested to do tests in notebooks for practical work and knowledge control. The norms for doing control deals with biology aren’t controlled.

Your order of this pupil’s notebooks

Pupils should make all entries within their notebooks in conformity with all the following requirements:

1. Write in a neat and handwriting that is legible.

2. Uniformly carry the inscriptions out on the address associated with the notebook:

– suggest just just just just exactly just what the notebook is supposed for (for instance: for practical work with chemistry);

– the course

– quantity and title associated with college;

– suggest the title and surname;

1. take notice of the industries through the exterior;

2. usually do not miss out the line that is top of sheet;

3. Indicate in which the work is done (class or house);

4. Write on a split line the title associated with the course subject, along with the topics of penned work (laboratory, practical work) together with quantity of laboratory and work that is practical

5. Indicate the true quantity of workouts, tasks, test tasks, and so forth;

6. Specify the kind of strive to be achieved (plan outline, answers to concerns, visual dictation, test task, etc.);

7. usually do not skip line amongst the date and name, the title associated with the form of work while the name, along with involving the name in addition to text in notebooks. Involving the line that is final of text of 1 written work additionally the date or name (type name) associated with the next work with notebooks, skip 2 lines (to separateone work from another and to get for the work).

8. Accurately underline, legend by having a pencil or pen, if required utilizing a ruler.

Just how to correct mistakes and mistakes?

Proper mistakes the following:

– wrongly written page or punctuation mark should be crossed away with an oblique line;

– an element of the term, term, phrase – a slim horizontal line;

– as opposed to strikethrough, inscribe the letters that are necessary terms, sentences;

– try not to place wrong spelling in brackets.

Workbooks on biology (chemistry) contains all written work offered for in the training, in addition to reports regarding the performance of laboratory work (experiments). The concept summary includes all definitions of the latest principles, terms learned into the course, diagrams, drawings, tables that the instructor implies from the blackboard or asks to publish. Notebooks should be neat, done by having a paste pen that is blue. Schemes, drawings, tables are designed call at pencil. The standard of maintaining notebooks is examined during the demand regarding the instructor. Checking notebooks is performed as required plus in conformity with all the Requirements for the verification of written work on chemistry and biology.

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